Tablecloth Fabrics – What is popular?

When it comes to tablecloth fabrics, at Tablecloth Designs, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of tablecloths in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, fabrics, styles and more. We believe every table deserves to be well-dressed for the occasion at hand.  Despite all we have to offer, we understand when it comes to tablecloths, most people don’t even give them a second thought….until they actually need them. Events such as parties, family dinners and weddings give you the opportunity to dress up your tables, so it is important to know the atmosphere and occasion for which the tablecloths will be used.  The primary use of tablecloths is to protect the tables from wear and tear, but they are also used to add style to the tables and to overall ambiance of the room.

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With so many tablecloth fabrics to choose from at Tablecloth Designs, how do you know what’s best for you, your tables, and the occasion at hand?  We can offer some guidelines and then you can choose from our vast selection of tablecloth fabrics styles and designs.  If you still need help, we are more than happy to assist.  No matter your question, we’ve got you covered!

Fabric types

So let’s talk about cotton. This one of the most popular materials for tablecloths, especially when it comes to everyday use.  Because the material is easily manufactured, the cost of cotton tablecloths tends to be relatively inexpensive. Some tablecloths even come as a cotton/polyester blend. The down side to cotton, is that it does wrinkle and shrink easily. For this reason alone, we don’t offer tablecloths in cotton or natural linen materials. Our Cott’n-eze spun polyester has the look and feel of cotton, but it is easy to care for.

If you are preparing for an outdoor event or occasion, it is best to consider vinyl tablecloths.  These offer great protection against rain damage and are easy to clean when something is spilled on them. Bear in mind, however, that vinyl is more of a casual material so it probably wouldn’t be your best bet for any formal occasion you are planning. They do get a lot of indoor use though since they are easy to clean. For this reason, we sell a lot to restaurants. The commercial quality of our vinyl tablecloths will hold up to daily cleaning and use.

Similar to cotton, polyester offers many of the same advantages, but it is easier to maintain. However, it does emphasize appreciable shine and silkiness unless you opt for our Cott-n-eze Spun Polyester. Polyester can also be used for more formal occasions without putting a big dent in your wallet. Woven or Spun Polyester tablecloths perform best in the kitchen, breakfast nook or outdoor seating areas. Basic Polyester materials are used in our basic plain tablecloths to our beautiful Damask and fancy tablecloths.

Another popular fabric option

If you are going for a more rustic look and feel, you may consider covering your table with a burlap or a faux burlap tablecloth. Burlap runners are also popular. The faux burlap will offer you a similar look without the earthy odor, rough feel, shedding, and cleaning problems.

Ahhhh…then there is silk. This is definitely a martial ready to take the stage at formal events and is perfect for weddings or anniversary celebrations. Yes, it does cost a bit more, but the luxurious look and feel it provides is definitely worth the added expense. Silk tablecloths are quite impressive. Remember, however, silk is a delicate fabric and will require extra care and attention, especially when it comes time to clean and store the tablecloths. They normally would require dry cleaning.
Unfortunately, here at Tablecloth Designs, we do not offer real silk. A lot of our fancy fabrics do offer a similar appearance without all the cost and maintenance.

We welcome you to shop around our site and get to know some of the fabrics, styles and designs we have at Tablecloth Designs. This is the place where we’ve covered just about everything!

To Cover or Not to Cover?  When to Employ the Perfect Tablecloth

If you grew up in the 60s, 70, 80s or even the 90s, chances are your grandparents (or most anyone in the generations before you) traditionally dressed their tables by using tablecloths, no matter the meal or the occasion. In fact, in my family, it was quite rare to even serve a meal without dressing the table first. And often, if you personally weren’t dressed for the occasion, you were sent back to change until your attire was approved.

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Fast forward to the kids of the 2000s and beyond.  Mealtime in my own home meant either grabbing something out of the pantry or standing at the counter to inhale a few bites of something before dashing off to whatever it was that was more important than meal time. I confess. I kind of miss the downtime that regular meals offered us as a family growing up, and I think the tablecloth had a lot to do with that tradition.  Back in the day, using tablecloths was part of the meal time preparation, but today, they tend to offer so much more.

You may ask yourself, “Is it important to cover a table or should I just leave it exposed?”  Well, the answer usually rests in the state of the table. A nice tablecloth can certainly improve the overall look and appeal of a table that is showing its age.  A perfectly-made tablecloth such as those offered at Tablecloth Designs, can even add a bit of elegance to the occasion, say, for a special event, like a nice dinner party with your family and friends.

A great tablecloth can add much-needed texture and color to a tablescape.  Even a basement-grade folding table can gain great strides in appearance with a simple tablecloth!

A few ideas to consider when choosing your next tablecloth from

**A French country pattern can soften the ambiance of the tablescape and add a somewhat festive appeal to your special occasion.

**Picnic tables, whether used indoors or outdoors, can enjoy a fun tablecloth to add to their charm and appeal. While you can certainly entertain at an indoor picnic table with simple napkins and placemats as the main décor. That outdoor picnic table could probably use a fun tablecloth design to hide any of the weathered outdoor grime. Be sure to check out our selection of checks, stripes and plaids.

**Do you want more of a romantic, country vibe to your table setting?  Gingham just may be the answer. Opt for a shorter tablecloth allowing the legs of the table to show for that extra pop of country whimsy.  At, we have some amazing custom prints that can help you create the look you desire.

Not sure if you want to hide the entire table?

Opt for a wide table runner instead.  This can add the needed color, interest and texture without taking away from the beauty of the table underneath.

**If you are preparing for a more formal occasion, you may want to consider using floor-length tablecloths. Yes, we realize those floor-length ones can pose challenges when pulling up a chair, but the overall look they provide will serve to maintain the formality of the event.  We have some fancy cloth tablecloths that will expertly go to work for you here in this regard.

And, finally, we will have to agree with some of the experts out there that there are some beautiful tables that shouldn’t be hidden by using tablecloths, but if you want a temporary new look for whatever table you are preparing, turn to the experts at They’ve got you – and your tables! – perfectly covered!

Your table deserves a great tablecloth.

Tables deserve a great tablecloth.

What would we do without them?? They offer us so much. We place them in a way so that we can gather and spend time with family and friends, enjoying great food and conversation. They provide a needed landing spot for miscellaneous papers, mail, boxes, coats…you name it. The perfect place at which the kids can do homework or you can work on a jigsaw puzzle, and they are also one of the best pieces of furniture in your home when it comes to making an awesome fort! Just throw a big blanket offer it and hang the “No adults (or kids!) allowed!” sign. You are ready for business.

great tableclothHowever, don’t these trusty tables deserve so much more than just a blanket or a covering of books and mail? After all the work they do for us – whether at home, at work, at an event or in a restaurant – they are hard-working pieces of furniture that often go unappreciated. Show the tables in your life that you really care by checking out all of the wonderful great tablecloth ideas we have for you at Tablecloth Designs.

Think about the Holidays!

Why not do something exciting for them this holiday season? Give your tables a new look with a fabulous new wardrobe. At Tablecloth Designs, we have so many great tablecloths from which to choose in a variety of fabrics, colors, sizes and designs. Round tablecloths, square tablecloths, any shape tablecloths, There is literally something for every table in your life! From fancy to basic; stock prints to custom printed tablecloths; logo tablecloths to linens…and so much more. The tablecloth experts at Tablecloth Designs understand just what your tables might need.

All you have to do to get started is choose a size; determine the type of material you want for your tablecloth; find a pattern and /or color; consider any custom printing requirements; and then let us do all the work! Before you know it, your tables covered with a great tablecloth and will be holiday-party ready in no time!

Of course, consider this fair warning! Once your tables get a taste of our handiwork, they just might become addicted. And that’s okay, as we have designs, colors, patterns and styles for year-round fun. If you have any questions, or even if you know precisely what you want, don’t hesitate to contact us. While we understand the importance of who’s sitting in the chairs, we also think it’s important to give a strong nod as to what’s on the tables!

About our tablecloths

 About our Tablecloths

By purchasing from our custom tablecloth store, vinyl and cloth tablecloths can bring new life to any drab table. The  tablecloths that we sell  in our vinyl tablecloth store are heavy duty commercial grade that will last for years. Our 10 Mil 9800 series vinyl tablecloths and  13 Mil 6100 series Vinyl Tablecloths are much heavier than the vinyl tablecloths you buy at the department stores, and they all have a poly felt type backing to them. They will provide years of service to you and your table.  Vinyl tablecloths are very easy to care for. You can just wipe them clean with a damp rag. We now offer a 6 Mil 7100 Series economy grade vinyl with a cloth backing in any size and no minimums.

Our designer cloth tablecloths are the staple in most houses restaurants, and hotels. The softness of the fabric is comfortable to your skin plus they provide a layer of protection to the table in the way of scratches. Cloth Tablecloths and Vinyl Tablecloths come in a wide array of colors and textures. You can change the look of your table over and over. Please bookmark our custom tablecloth store page for future reference.

Vinyl Tablecloths can also be used to temporary protect the finish on wood tables, however it is not recommended to leave them on for months since they can soften some older nitrocellulose lacquer finishes. The newer more durable finishes usually are OK. What may happen is the plasticizer that keep the vinyl pliable, may leech into the tables finish, and soften it. If this happens, the only way to fix the table is by having it refinished. There is no way to harden the finish back to original. For more useful furniture tips, I would recommend that you check out our other store on the internet Here is a courtesy link to our tip archive!

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