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6107 Vinyl Placemats


6107 Vinyl Placemats 02176
6107 Series - 3 Colors 13 Mil
Price: 12.9 USD In stock

6107 Vinyl - Seafood Delight

Beware! This colorful medley may cause intense cravings for fresh fish or other entrees from the sea.

Minimum order is 72 placemats per color/order. $12.90 per Placemat.

Since we manufacture our own vinyls, we can quickly and easily make double sided placemats. Why settle for one look, when you can easily change your decor from season to season or even for special events. Reversible placemats are 16.5" by 11.5" with mitered corners. Both sides are the same color and pattern.

Hunter 6107 Vinyl Placemats Hunter Mauve Sand Hunter

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