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6124 Vinyl Round Tablecloths


6124 Vinyl Round Tablecloths 01594
6124 Series - 8 Colors 13 Mil
Price: 40.3 USD In stock

6124 Vinyl - Be Bold

Make a statement with primitive symbols rendered in a colorful, stamped pattern that expand your design options.

Our Vinyl Tablecloths are much more superior to those you would find in the department stores. They are made of a heavy gauge film laminated to a thick polyester backing material.

The 6100 series is 30% thicker than the 10 gauge 9800 series, plus it can also be used as an upholstery material. Available in eight colors. Swatches are 8" by 10".

Tablecloths wider than 52" will be seamed.

  • *Tablecloths 53" to 60" wide will have one side seam.
  • **Tablecloths 61" to 70" wide will have two side seams.
  • ***Tablecloths 71" or wider in width will have a center seam.

36 inch diameter$40.30
48 inch diameter$52.20
52 inch diameter$58.10
60 inch diameter*$123.30
70 inch diameter**$143.00
78 inch diameter***$158.90
90 inch diameter***$182.60
96 inch diameter***$194.50
108 inch diameter***$324.90
120 inch diameter***$360.40
132 inch diameter***$396.00
Standard Tablecloth Sizes
Other Option No Option (0) Umbrella hole in the center (8)
Catawba Apache Catawba Cherokee Dakota Hopi Iroquois Mohave Navaho Cherokee Dakota

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