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Bandanna Round Tablecloths


Bandanna Round Tablecloths 01895
Bandanna Print 60"
Price: 75.4 USD In stock


  • 100% Polyester-60" wide
  • *Tablecloths over 60" wide are seamed.
  • Available in red and blue.

Click on the color chart to see all the colors

70 inch diameter* $75.40
84 inch diameter* $83.10
90 inch diameter* $94.90
96 inch diameter* $105.10
102 inch diameter* $116.10
108 inch diameter* $125.50
120 inch diameter* $159.40
132 inch diameter* $189.90

Standard Tablecloth Sizes
Bandanna Blue Bandanna Blue Bandanna Red Bandanna Red

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