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Stars Placemats


Stars Placemats 02028
Stars Print 60"
Price: 104 USD In stock

Stars Print

  • Goods are 60" wide.
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Available in a blue or red background.
  • This polyester print is a durable, permanent press, soil-release fabric that is easy to care for and maintain. With its's affordable price, it works great with any budget.
  • These polyester Placemats are available with Merrow or inverted hem stitch edges. We also offer two shapes—square or mitered corners and they are 12" by 16". Placemats have Three layers: top fabric, stiffener and bottom fabric. They are sold by the dozen.

12" by 16" Merrowed $104.00
12" by 16" Inverted hem $110.00
Placemat Shape
Edge Treatment
Stars Blue Stars red Blue Red Mitered Chopped Corners Inverted Hem Edges Merrow Edges

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