Note: This calculator isn’t set up for ordering tablecloths. It’s only purpose is to inform you of what size you will need to order. Click our Tablecloths link to the left, to see all of our fabrics, and order standard sizes. If you need a custom size, you will need to order it by phone.

Step 1: Measure your table before using the tablecloth size calculator.

Before you use the tablecloth size calculator, you need to first measure the width and length of your table as well as the drop. The width is the shortest measurement. To determine the drop measurement, place a sheet or other draping object on your table and allow it to hang to where you like the look. You can then measure from the table top down to the bottom of the drape to get your drop measurement. Make sure all measurements get rounded to the nearest whole number.

Tablecloth size calculator rectangles tablecloth size calculator circles tablecloth size drop
    Width & Length       Diameter          Drop