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Feel free to contact us at Tablecloth Designs. We have been making Custom Tablecloths since 2003. We have lots of designer cloth fabrics, as well as high quality vinyl fabrics in lots of great colors and prints.

Cloth tablecloths are the staple in most houses, restaurants, and hotels. The softness of the fabric is comfortable to your skin plus they provide a layer of protection to the table in the way of scratches. Cloth Tablecloths and Vinyl Tablecloths come in a wide array of colors and textures. You can change the look of your table over and over.

Vinyl tablecloths and cloth tablecloths can bring new life to an ugly table. The vinyl tablecloths that we sell are heavy commercial grade vinyl that lasts for years. Our 10 gauge 9800 series vinyl tablecloths and  13 gauge 6100 series Vinyl Tablecloths are much heavier than the vinyl tablecloths you buy at the department stores, and they all have a poly felt type backing to them. They will provide years of service to you and your table.  Vinyl tablecloths are very easy to clean. You can just wipe them down with a damp rag. We offer our custom size tablecloths in any shape and size.

You will love the tablecloths that we can make you. No more having to deal with the minimal choices in colors and sizes that you see at the department stores. Custom tablecloth order is just a few clicks away from being received by us and put into production. We have a quick turn around on most cloth fabric orders. They usually ship out in just a few days after they are ordered. Tablecloths in vinyl tend to take longer. Contact us today to order or for a quote.