Hey, Get Your Custom Printed tablecloths here!

We now  offer in house printing on our custom printed tablecloths, napkins, runners, placemats, skirting, and fabric by the yard. With state of the art printing equipment, we can achieve the most accurate colors and details on our cloth fabrics.  Whether you want a logo on your tablecloth for a trade show, or want to use one of our custom printed patterns, and you can choose from three  great fabrics, Basic Polyester, Cott'n-eze Spun Polyester, or Panama Faux Linen.

Sorry, but we aren't able to do offer custom printing on our vinyl tablecloths.

Our standard 90" by 132" tablecloths for a six foot table, in woven polyester with a front logo are $177.60 each or cheaper by bulk.

Our standard 90" by 156" tablecloths for a eight foot table, in woven polyester with a front logo are $194.40 each or cheaper by bulk.

We can make them for you in any size and shape you need! Our normal production time is five to ten business days.

Do you have a discontinued tablecloth sample? Send it to us. We can replicate the look. you might have a pattern in mind, but don’t know how to visualize it? No problem. We can do that for you. Do you have a photo you’d like printed or turned into a pattern? Send it to us! Our team will create a new pattern based off of your image. Our standard custom printed patterns are customize-able to your color choices. We can color match corporate colors, company logos, and even photographs.

Tell us what you’re looking for.
Choose one of our existing patterns and order it in our standard sizes right from the website. Remember, even our standard patterns can be customized with different colors of your choosing. We can also create a new pattern for you, with your desired colors.


Send a photo
We will create a new pattern based on the image you are looking for.


Send a cloth sample
Our team can replicate the look you desire.


Use our patterns with your colors
We can match almost anything. Change the size and scale too. You want a 2″ stripe in Magenta? We can do that. Maybe a small multi-color dot on a black background? Just ask and we will work with you.

Mail, Email or Upload your image file or logo artwork.

Acceptable file types are .ai, .eps, .indd, .pdf, .psd, and .tif   Min 150 dpi

Use the form below to upload your large files.

When creating a new design, we do charge up front a one time design fee of $74.00. With that, we will create a sample to send to you for your approval. Just give us a call to give us your information.