Table Skirting

When ordering table skirting, we prefer to sell it in twos since we have to split the roll of fabric down the middle. If your table is eight feet long and three feet wide, that would make it 22 feet in circumference. You would order the skirting as 2 pieces 11 feet long to go all the way around the table. If you had two tables that size, you could order two 22 feet sections which would eliminate a seam.

All table skirting has the Velcro stitched to the back and comes with the plastic clips. You would need to tell us the thickness of your table top so that we include the proper size clips. We offer two sizes of table clips to clip on the edge of your table. It is important that you order the correct size. Some people order additional clips in the other size to fit different tables they may have to use at trade shows etc. If you need to attach the skirting in a place where the clips won’t work, we can substitute the clips for a strip of self adhesive hook Velcro.

Most table skirting is done with either the box pleat or the shirred pleat. Cott’n-eze spun polyester works the best for the box pleats, since it retains the folds better than the 100% woven polyester. Either fabric will work well for the shirred style table skirting.

Stage skirting will dress up any built in or portable stage. We can offer the skirting in different heights to accommodate any stage. You will need to order this by phone. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

If you want to dress up the table skirting even more, we can make you a separate valance, or permanently attach the valance to the under skirting.  We can make the valance out of any of our cloth fabrics. You will need to order this by phone. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

shirred table skirting    stage skirting  lace valance

*Please note: All skirting is sold by the linear foot.

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